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AAA Couriers, we operate a wide range of vehicles and can handle single pallet deliveries to full articulated loads which means we are ideally eqipped to manage the individual requirements of each and every customer.

Below you will find information about the dimensions and payloads/carrying capacity of our current vehicle fleet:

1 x Small van:

Payload: 750 kg

Length: 1.5m

Width: 1.4m

Height: 1.1m

Number of standard pallets: 1

1 xLong wheel base Sprinter

Payload: 1400 kg

Length: 3.2m

Width: 1.7m

Height: 1.75m

Number of standard pallets: 4

3 x Curtain sider Sprinter

Payload: 1250 kg

Length: 4.2m

Width: 2m

Height: 2m

Number of standard pallets: 6

2 x 7.5 tonne curtain sider (tail lift)

Payload: 3000 kg

Length: 6.1m

Width: 2.4m

Height: 2.35m

Number of standard pallets: 10

1 x 12 tonne curtain sider (tail lift and sliding roof)

Length: 6.5m

Width: 2.50m

Height: 2.40

Number of standard pallets: 12

1 x18 tonne curtain sider (tail lift and sliding roof)

Payload: 9950 kg

Length: 7.5m

Width: 2.5m

Height: 2.5m

Number of standard pallets: 16

1 x 26 tonne curtain sider (tail lift and sliding roof)

Length: 9.0m

Width: 2.5m

Height: 2.6 m

Number of standard pallets: 18

AAA Couriers5 AAA Couriers6

4 x 44 tonne articulated vehicles (sliding roof)

Payload: 28,000 kg

Length: 13.6m

Width: 2.7m

Height: 2.5m

Number of standard pallets: 26


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We have invested in a new DAF XF 510 44 tonne vehicle - First of the fleet to be airbrushed. The work on this can is amazing dedicated to a very special lady - Watch out for this truck on the road.

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